Which Diet Is Best For Me?

If you were to google this question(please don’t, it’s terrifying) you would get lost in the 100’s of thousands of fad diets all claiming to help you shed those unwanted pounds and become the svelte fitness model you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

Keto, Adkins, South Beach, Paleo, Vegan, 30 Day cleanse, Cabbage Diet, Vegetarian, Flexitarian, Weight Watchers, DASH Diet, Mediterranean…just to name a few. They all come with promises of being the best solution for your weight loss.

Let me help give you a little clarity on the subject and give you some news that may be shocking to you. There is no BEST diet for you. Or anyone for that matter.

The best diet is the one that you will follow consistently. Let me expound. The BEST diet is the one you can follow consistently throughout your real, crazy, chaotic, schedule filled, work and play- life and also allows you to get a variety of foods that nourish and strengthen your body.

At Golden Ape we focus a lot on nutrition. Mainly our focus is on building healthy eating habits. Most people have such a toxic, negative relationship with food. We want you to not only enjoy your life but we want you to enjoy eating food! And that is why we came up with the GA 30-Day Nutrition & Lifestyle Challenge.

This is not your normal Nutrition Challenge. We aren’t eliminating and restricting your food choices. You won’t be weighing and measuring your food and you won’t be counting calories or tracking macros.

What is the GA 30-Day Nutrition & Lifestyle Challenge?

I’m glad you asked. The GA 30-Day Nutrition & Lifestyle Challenge will be challenging you to improve your eating habits, to increase the number of fruits and vegetables you eat and to challenge you to drink more water and get better sleep. Over all we are challenging you to make small, daily choices that compound to bring BIG, healthy results.

Who should register?

EVERYONE! This challenge is for anyone and everyone who wants to improve their quality of life and through an easy to follow, fun challenge.

Do I have to be a member to participate?

No, anyone can participate! Once you register you will download the WodifyRise App. The daily challenge tasks will be delivered right to you through this app. It’s super easy to follow!

The best part is that no matter where you are participating from, you will have direct access to our PN-L1 Nutrition Coach Ashley at any time!

Register now! This challenge kicks off July 25th!

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Take the first step towards getting the results that you want!