What’s the Deal With The Programming?

We hear this often. ‘I liked the “old” programming’.

For any of you that have been around for any length of time, you know our programming goes in cycles just like the seasons.

The definition of CrossFit is constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity.

“Constantly varied” makes it fun and balanced. But that doesn’t mean that they are just randomly thrown together without rhyme or reason. Clients in our Personal Training programs have their workouts customized especially for them. Clients in our group program have their workouts tailored by the results of the group.

What’s the deal?

Over late summer and fall, group programming tends to lean toward strength and higher skill movements. We mix in great metabolic conditioning workouts (Metcons) too, but our focus is on strength and that leads us towards testing our 1RM in December. We lovingly call this the “bulking” season. This is a great time for new members to build a strong foundation and for our seasoned members to make those real strength gains. And the PR board shows our success! We had a killer time at the December Barbell Party with over 60 strength PRs!!

Ringing that PR bell!!!

NOW, with winter shifting into spring and summer, we shift to longer-duration metcons. Some of this is preparation for the Open; some of it is preparation for the beach! After all, 99% of you have told us that your goal is to look and feel more confident in that swimsuit.

And some of it is just to help battle the winter blues. METCONs are FUN. They create a lot of smiles and a wonderland of high-fiving awesomeness.

Alas! Our strength training doesn’t ever disappear. Strength training will make you better at running and better at moving fast—it’s the foundation of your fitness. It’s not going anywhere. Ever.

We even add in additional programming for our strength junkies to tack on to the regular scheduled program. The proof is in the pudding and you guys are ringing that PR bell on the daily!

Over the next several months, get ready for more reps, more speed and more high fives than ever…because summer is coming!!!

See you in the gym!

Coach April

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