What is OUR “Why”?

I sometimes struggle with allowing myself to be vulnerable. However, I think it’s important for me to take that wall down to share a bit about my “Why”. Why did we open Golden Ape? 

I love fitness. I love the way my body and mind feel after a workout.  I love that one workout can completely change the atmosphere of my day or week.  It hasn’t always been that way.  This isn’t something that I open up about very often but I feel that it’s important to share.

I spent most of my adolescent years in a fog. I was depressed, lonely and socially awkward. Yes, I know that the phrase “socially awkward” is over-used, but that is how I felt. I never felt like I fit in with anyone or any group.  I always felt inferior. 

That wasn’t the case in the gym though. Growing up, the gym was the one place where I always excelled. I was “strong for a girl”. This was back in the day when having “strong thighs” was uncool and I had them.  I remember being so embarrassed changing in the locker room because all the other girls seemed so small compared to me.  

I’m thankful for the role sports and fitness played in my life. I’m convinced that the activity and the rush of endorphins I got from every practice, game and competition saved my life. I played almost every sport I could. While not the best at any of them I gave it my all and never missed a practice. I was always chasing that high. Sports made me feel like I was part of something.  

Fast forward 20 something years and I found CrossFit. I found it at a point in my life that I had already embraced my social awkwardness but I was still looking for a place to belong and a place to push me.  Long past my team sports days I just wasn’t finding anything that felt like a fit. 

At the time I found CrossFit I was heavy into marathon training.  It felt like the only thing I could do to calm my mind. I continued to battle depression into my late 20’s and running had a soothing effect on my mind. I had run 25 half marathons and 8 full marathons and still wasn’t content. I missed the team aspect. Belonging. 

The first day I stepped into a CrossFit gym I loved it.  I loved seeing people from every background, fitness level, every size, shape, color and creed sweating it our and cheering each other on.  No one was better than anyone else. No one was left out or left behind.  The best part was we weren’t competing against each other, we were competing against ourselves.

Flash forward 5 years and I had the opportunity to open my own CrossFit gym. My ultimate goal was to create a place that everyone and anyone would feel welcomed with open arms. No matter their race, color, creed, sexual orientation, past faults, fitness level, age or size. 

EVERYONE is welcome.  EVERY SINGLE PERSON who walks through the Golden Ape doors will be treated the same. They will be treated with kindness, compassion and love.  They will each receive the training and tools necessary to meet their personal health and fitness goals and receive all the accountability and encouragement they need.

For years I was a person in search of a both a physical and social outlet to better my life. I created Golden Ape for anyone else searching for the same. It isn’t easy. We work hard and struggle together every day. But our gym is full of big laughs and even bigger love and if you’ll give us a chance I promise we will change your life.

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