What Is Our Foundations Course?

Your safety is our number one priority. It is because of that, that we don’t allow a member to sign up and immediately start our group classes without first completing our Foundations Course. Unless, they have previously done CrossFit before. We discuss all of this at your No Sweat Intro.

The Foundations Course consists of (5) 30 minute one-on-one personal training sessions with one of our coaches. In these sessions we teach you a series of fundamental movements that we do in our group classes. These sessions allow you to get comfortable with the movements and learn proper technique. These sessions also allow our coach to assess your fitness level and determine if you have any mobility issues.

After the completion of this course, 98% of our clients are ready to transition into our group CrossFit classes. For those who aren’t ready or don’t quite feel comfortable going into the group classes, we offer continued Personal Training for those clients.

Is your goal to get faster, leaner, stronger or to look better at the beach? We are confident that we can provide you the tools and support to reach those goals and live the life you want!

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