The Sickness-Wellness-Fitness Continuum

When I started reading the data regarding COVID-19 and the attack on the chronically ill and elderly, the ‘sick -well -fit continuum immediately came to my mind. Selfishly, I located myself on the continuum to see where I would fall if contracting the virus. Then I started placing my family on the chart, then my friends, co-workers, and gym family. I have talked about this chart before and used it to point out to my clients the importance of moving past wellness. I also have studied ‘change’ and what makes people change and in October of 2017, I journaled this regarding change:

‘I have continued to ask patients about their change ability, and what makes or made them change. Still the key theme is generally a major life event, whether it be a diagnosis or another event. What is sad about this change is that it is generally a little late in the game. Especially after the diagnosis, such as diabetes. Granted this is a reversible process and you are never too late to change to get great benefits, but preventing diabetes is even a better plan, which requires early change. But HOW!!! How, do we get people to not only see a need to change, but to MAKE the change and make it early and stick with it?! People, including myself, have the mentality of ‘this will never happen to me’. Why do we think we are immune? We see the lives around us and things that can happen, but we put ourselves in this ‘bubble’ of immunity. So, maybe the process of change should come with the realization that WE ARE NOT IMMUNE.’

The recent COVID-19 outbreak definitely is an eye opener that we are not immune and should be a time for us to evaluate where we are on the sick-well-fit continuum. It is also a time to invest in our own health and make the changes we need to move as close to FIT as we can. Many are undergoing quarantine and restrictions on activity, but this is not a time to be sedentary. This is the prime time to invest in all aspects of your health, including spiritual and emotional health. Stress can lead to and exacerbate any disease process; therefore, having a plan in place to step away from the hype, the media, and the FB post, is important. You may choose to read, walk, write, play a game etc. This will be different for everyone, but the important point is establishing a plan to refresh your mind just as you do your body.

That leads me to the next point, our physical health. I did learn that change was most likely going to take place in people when they have accountability. Therefore, I do not feel relying on yourself to do home workouts and exercise is productive for most. You will miss the accountability piece to the change you need to make. I encourage you to invest in a method for accountability. This could be a group of friends that meet online, a family support system that hold each other accountable, or a remote coaching group that offers online classes and 1:1 daily check-ins. The option you chose will vary, but I think we all know we need to change and we need to do our part in keeping ourselves as close to FIT as possible. Let this current worldwide pandemic be your eye opener and your reason to change.

Despite your genetic conditions, or other circumstances, you can incorporate daily habits, physical exercise and proper nutrition to help us maintain wellness, and further, achieve a level of fitness. Where on the continuum will a greater quality of life be? Towards fitness.

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