Regaining Your Flow During COVID

As you are all aware, April and I both quarantined at home after having tested positive for COVID 19. It sucks. But not just because we are sick. It sucks because once again the flow of our regular lives are disrupted… and we like our flow.

We’ve all experienced this in one way or another since the start of the pandemic. Our lives look different today than they did a few months ago. Unpredictable times can lead to a feeling of being out of control. When that happens we sometimes look for ways to regain that control, to bring order back to the chaos. But it isn’t easy to build a new routine on top of an old crumbled one. There are 3 things I do when I feel like I’ve lost my flow.

3 Tips for regaining your flow

1. List your Non-Negotiables: Grab a sheet of paper and write down your handful of non-negotiable that you insist on making a part of your new routine. These are the things that you either cannot or refuse to do without. Of course there will be days that are unusual and prevent you from doing something on the list. But those days need to be few and far between. For instance, here’s my list: – Sleep 7-9 hours – Work on the gym 6-10 hours – Exercise 1 hr – Listen to or read something educational 15-30 min – Eat 3 nutritious meals – Spend Quality time with April

2. Create a plan… Once you have your list then start building a plan that creates time for each of your non-negotiable. When you go through this process you’ll probably find you have far more available free time than you think. Many of us are horrified when we realize we spend far more time than we’d like to admit watching Netflix, surfing Facebook, or any other number of hobbies that take away from our ability to complete our non-negotiables. Use all of that newfound time spent uselessly to help build the daily action plan we really want!

3. Build your team… No man is an island, or so the saying goes. It means that it’s hard to go it alone. We all need people around us that will help us, to hold us accountable when we begin to slip. And we all slip from time to time and when that happens we need positive voices around us. We need people who understand our goals and that want to help us get there. Counselors, pastors, trainers, mentors, and really good friends can often be the difference between long or short term successes.

Don’t let COVID trip you up. List your non-negotiables, create a plan, and build a team will to help you follow it!

Coach Scott

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