Lift Those Weights Ladies, You’re NOT Going To Get Bulky

One thing we hear far too often from potential female clients is the fear of getting too bulky if they lift weights. So let’s get this out of the way right now. If you are a woman and you lift weights you WILL NOT bulk up. You cannot. You may think you can but you’re wrong. You may think I’m wrong but you’re wrong again.

Most women who come to us are looking to build toned, long, lean muscles while avoiding the bulk. But here are some sobering truths…

  1. You can’t exercise in a particular way to make your muscles long and lean. Or bulky. Or any other shape you’ve predetermined you want. The prevailing myth that light weight, high rep routines produce toned muscles and that heavy weights produce bulky muscles is simply not true. Muscles grow how they grow. It’s genetic and you can’t do anything to change it.
  2. The overwhelmingly vast majority of women cannot get bulky muscles. They lack the hormone makeup needed for that kind of growth. The women you see with these kinds of muscles have used something other than weights and steaks. They used illegal drugs.
  3. We’ve heard many women tell us that they get bulky really easily. However, we’ve never seen it actually happen. At least not from lifting weights. But we’ve seen many people get bulky from cupcakes and poor food choices.

So what do you do? If you want that lean athletic look you need to train like an athlete. Lift weights, jump, squat, run, throw, lunge, pull, etc. Combine these elements into a smart program and you’ll be own your way to the look you want.

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And here’s one final other dirty little secret. You already have sexy lean muscles. Congrats! However, if you can’t see them it’s because they are covered by a layer of fat. The only way to get our muscles to show without increasing their size is to lose bodyfat. Again, we can help. But you can do it own your own as well. Either way, if you combine an intelligent fitness routine with good nutritional habits those muscles you already have will slowly start to shine through.

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