June 2020: Committed Club

We are so proud of all our athletes!!! When we reopened our doors on May 11th, you guys were chomping at the bits to get back into the swing of things. 19 of you made the June Committed Club and another 12 were really close!

What is the Committed Club?

The Committed Club is a way for us to celebrate your consistency and dedication to your health and fitness goals. If you attend 16 or more classes in any given month, then you qualify for the monthly Committed Club. We know how difficult it is to manage a busy schedule and still get your workouts in. That’s why we think that making the committed club is a huge accomplishment. Members who make the Committed Club average 4 classes a week!

We know from experience that consistency wins. When you set a goal it takes consistency to get there. Every single day you have to make the decision to recommit to your goals and take action.

Let’s make July even bigger! If you didn’t make it this month, make that your July goal!

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