How To Get The Most Out Of Golden Ape Programming

We’ve got some great new programming additions coming soon to Golden Ape. Some of these new options won’t be implemented until after COVID restrictions are lifted but we wanted to give you all a preview of the coming attractions. We also wanted to outline how best to use the programs we have for optimal results.

Once fully implemented (after COVID) we will have 2 primary programs and 3 add on programs.

Our 2 Primary Programs will continue to be: 1. CrossFit 2. Powerlifting Our 3 Add-On programs will be: 1. COMP (Competitive CrossFit) 2. POOL (Bodybuilding) 3. ENDR (Endurance work) So let’s break it down…


CrossFit and Powerlifting. It’s very hard to mix these two programs effectively. The demands on the body with either program is tremendous. To be successful in powerlifting requires a lot of mental focus and a huge amount of physical strain on the body. If it isn’t putting a huge strain on the body then you aren’t doing it right and/or getting much from it. Much of the same can be said of the CrossFit classes. Though the stressors are a bit different the intensity is still very high.

In general, if you try to combine these two programs you will likely not maximize either and you increase the risk of injury directly proportional to the amount of extra work you do. Everyone is different. There may be a few mutants in our midst who can do a powerlifting program and a Crossfit program and not end up in the hospital. I’m not saying that our powerlifters can’t occasionally jump into a metcon or that our CrossFitters can’t ever go bench press in the back room. But I’ll put it this way, professional powerlifters don’t do CrossFit and professional CrossFitters don’t follow powerlifting templates. You can’t ride 2 horses with 1 ass. For best results, pick a horse and ride it.


This is the fun new stuff we will start once COVID is over and we are able to expand class size. Yayyyy!! All 3 of these programs are add-ons to the regular CrossFit class. They are specifically built to work in conjunction with the class programming. If you’ve done the regular class that day, you can hang around to do the add-on work or come back later in the day. Either way, you have to do the regular class first.

All 3 programs will be under their own separate tab in your Wodify app.

The COMP program is incredibly demanding and designed to prepare you for anything you might see at a CrossFit competition. There will be plenty of Oly lifting, gymnastics work, and extra conditioning. Some days may require an additional hour of work to complete but you can always skip what you don’t have time for.

The POOL program should be something you can do (on most days) in 20-30 minutes. POOL is designed, well, to help you look better at the pool. There’s lots of curls, fly’s, core work, and arm pumps. It is designed to be relatively joint friendly as long as you don’t try and go to heavy too soon.

The ENDR program will also take less than 30 minutes while focusing on monostructural cardio… rowing, running, biking, etc. This is probably the easiest program to add onto your CrossFit work because it has the least amount of joint impact to your body.


The regular CrossFit or Powerlifting programs, when combined with good nutritional habits should provide most people everything they could want in a fitness program. However, if your body is feeling great, you’ve got some extra time, and you want to do some extra work, these programs should fit the bill nicely.

PS… We are going to really re-focus on making Saturday the most crazy, insane, and fun day of the week! Get ready, Saturday Scott is back!

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