Get Back On Track With Baby Steps

Achieving a goals takes a consistency. I’ve said it over and over to athletes that ‘consistency wins’. So I understand the frustration I hear from athletes now when they say they lost their rhythm and they are having a hard time getting it back.

This year has thrown us all off of our routine. We were going to the gym every day like clock work, we finally felt like we had our nutrition figured out. We were feeling good and making big strides towards our goals.

Then BAM! Corona 2020 hits.
Everything seemed to stop. We were thrust into a new normal without a plan or direction. Most Americans(not our Golden Apes) were inactive during quarantine. And really it’s not their fault. They were sent home to work, longer hours with children at home. Schedules went out the window. Late night Netflix binges and no real wake up time. It was easier to grab a pop tart and hop on that zoom meeting than to meal prep. It’s no wonder people put on the Corona-15lbs..

Baby Steps

Right now we are all dealing with the consequences and wondering ‘how do I get back to where I was?’
The answer is simple: baby steps.

I may be aging myself with this, but here is sound advice from one of my all time favorite movies from 1991, ‘What About Bob’.
Here Dr. Leo Marvin played by Richard Dreyfuss is counseling his client Bob Wiley played by Bill Murray:

Dr. Marvin: “It means setting small, reasonable goals for yourself. One day at a time, one tiny step at a time—do-able, accomplishable goals.”
Bob: “Baby steps.”
Dr. Marvin: “When you leave this office, don’t think about everything you have to do to get out of the building, just deal with getting out of the room.”
Bob: “Baby steps”

How do you get back on track? Baby steps. You take the smallest possible step forward. Forward motion begets forward motion….waiting for perfect begets waiting. It’s time to take that first baby step.

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