GA Member Spotlight: Meet Bridget T.

Bridget joined us in March just as we were closing for quarantine. She was determined to start her health and fitness journey and so she opted for our home remote coaching for 6 weeks. When we opened our door again on May 11th she joined in the group classes!

“I was terrified at first. I am super clumsy or at least I used to be and I always thought no I can’t do that sort of stuff without getting hurt or Crossfit is to difficult or lifting weights isn’t for me. Those thoughts always crossed my mind. But I was wrong! Anyone can do it. There is a spot for everyone and all fitness levels at Golden Ape! 

Since joining crossfit I have lost around 40 pounds total. In doing this I have gained more confidence and energy. I feel like I sleep better and I am more relaxed. I am currently working on building strength back in my knee after having 3 surgeries and trust me when I say it is working.

I have built up so much strength by doing crossfit that I am having less pain vs more like I thought I would encounter. But the best part about joining crossfit is the friendships you make. Not only do you have the most amazing coaches pushing you to do your best, you have some of the greatest athletes that become your biggest support system. Which causes you to strive to be the best athlete you can be. Thats my favorite thing about being an athlete at Golden Ape!”

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