GA Coach Spotlight: Ashley Naumann

Coach Ashley “Ashes” joined the GA Coaching staff in 2017 as an intern. She quickly moved up the ranks and has become a phenomenal coach. Leading with grace and care, she truly invests in the athletes. Her goals become helping others meet their goals. If you haven’t met Coach Ashes yet, she will welcome you in with open arms! We asked her a few questions so we can get to know a little more about her.

What is one weird/interesting fact most people don’t know about you?

I have the smallest adult thumbs known to mankind… bet. 👍🏼

Why do you love coaching?

Going from an athlete who respected the role of her coaches so much, I take the role of a coach very seriously. The gym is no longer about just yourself. There is no day that goes by I don’t celebrate with someone. When thinking about my fitness journey you start celebrating the little things. As a coach I get to do that every single day with the athletes in the gym. I get to point out great successes that they may have never seen in themselves! It truly is one of the greatest aspects of coaching. Seeing the progress within someone they never knew was possible! 

What is your favorite workout or movement in the gym?

My favorite movement is the squat snatch. You can never arrive. Which sounds ominous, but it’s the beauty within the movement. It’s very technical. I personally feel like I’m on top of the world when snatching. It doesn’t have to be a lot of weight either. Just the focus and athleticism that goes into any snatch. They always humble me and take me to the next level. Also I come up with the best analogies when teaching this movement! 

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