Accountability For Healthy Eating And Successful Weight Loss

Some of our best success stories have come from our quarterly nutrition challenges. During these challenges, a large portion of our gym comes together as a team for a set period of time to help each other lose weight and create healthy, sustainable nutritional choices.

Accountability matters

Having a support network when you’re trying to reach a health or fitness goal is crucial. There may be a few out there who make up their minds to lose weight and are able to maintain the weight loss all on their own, but they’re few and far between. Most of us have very marginal success when trying to go it alone and benefit greatly from having an accountability coach or partner.

It is incredibly beneficial to have someone (a coach, friend, dietician)to lean on when the going gets tough. I, personally may know most of the answers, but following my own advice is another matter, especially when day-to-day living gets stressful. I have a nutrition coach that I answer to daily and she holds me accountable to the choices I make in my daily nutrition. The majority of us will be more successful with someone holding us accountable.

Unless nutrition is your career there’s a lot of information you should know before you embark on your weight-loss journey. You might decide to obtain all or your information from books, but often seeing a professional or joining a group is more effective. The relationships you develop will affect your final results in weight loss management. When beginning the weight-loss journey, especially if you’ve tried before and failed, having someone there for support can make all the difference.

If you’re riding out a tough emotional period or trying to break some bad habits, such as late night bingeing or unconscious noshing, talking to someone about your challenges can improve your odds of succeeding.

Coming soon!

We are about to launch an all new and fun nutrition challenge here at Golden Ape. This 30-day Golden Ape Nutritional Lifestyle Challenge is a fun exploration of healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits. Daily tasks will encourage you to experiment with simple ways to elevate your existing routine – from healthier meals out to deeper connections with loved ones. No measuring, no calorie-counting, just a sustainable approach to living a stress-free “nutritional lifestyle.”

We know these challenges work because we have a tremendous group of people who are more than willing to help hold each other accountable.

More information will be released this week. So stay tuned!

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