The Problem with Calorie Counting

June 27, 2017
The Problem with Calorie Counting

It’s time to get serious about your fitness. Take it to a new level.
Step it up. Challenge yourself.

In advance of the Nekked & Unafraid Challenge on July 10th, we wanted to pass along some insight on healthy nutrition.

When thinking about “losing weight” and “getting in shape”, most people tend to focus on calories. After all, the concept is pretty simple: you’ll lose weight if you burn more calories than you eat.

The health industry is focused on this concept as well. We see plenty of “low calorie” foods at the grocery store and nearly every treadmill, elliptical, and fitness app proudly display the “calories burned” from each workout.

However, here’s why this approach is somewhat ineffective:

  • Calorie counting has up to an 18% margin of error (study)
  • Calorie counting does not account for macro nutrients. Sure, you’ll lose weight if you only eat 1,000 calories of candy every day, but is this good for your health?
  • Calorie counting is exhausting! Do you really want to log everything you eat?

Instead of calories, we’d like you to focus on balance during this challenge. Specifically, we’ve developed a “balanced meal formula” that focuses on the following food groups:

  • Lean protein
  • Vegetables
  • Healthy fats
  • Water


Not only will this formula help you transform your body, but you’ll also reduce your cravings and beat that “energy slump” that tends to occur in the afternoon.

Don’t worry too much about the portions – just focus on the right balance and you’ll be on your way to better health!

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